‘Urban Fisherman 2’ Lee Deok-hwa misses the mackerel and mistakenly threw a stick in the sea with a 1.5 million won fishing rod

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Deok-hwa accidentally threw a 1.5 million won fishing rod into the sea.

In Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Only Trust Me, Follow Me, Urban Fisherman 2’, broadcast on the 10th, the members started fishing for mackerel.

In the broadcast that day, Lee Deok-hwa enthusiastically went fishing, but he could not feel the bite. He missed the mackerel he had taken by boat, and finally caught a buoy.

Furious Lee Deok-hwa started fishing again, but made the mistake of throwing a fishing rod into the sea. Lee Deok-hwa was embarrassed when the 1.5 million won fishing rod borrowed from the captain suddenly sank 40m below the deep sea. Lee Soo-geun, who was watching this, said, “It’s really a mess.”

Lee Deok-hwa said he didn’t know what to do, and gave a special order to the same team, Kim Joon-hyun, that he would rescue the fishing rod, and Kim Joon-hyun was surprised by pulling up the fishing rod after several attempts.

When the members admired Kim Joon-hyun, “I can do what he wants to do,” Kim Joon-hyun replied, “This is the first time I have ever lived.”


Photo|Channel A broadcast screen capture

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