Choi Soo-young, ‘Run On’ passionate promotion… “Visual explosion + chemistry restaurant”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Choi Soo-young from Girls’ Generation started promoting the JTBC drama ‘Run On’ in which she appeared.

On the 14th, an invitation from Seo Dan-ah arrived on the official YouTube account of the JTBC drama. 12/16 9:00 p.m. A video titled ‘Don’t miss it’ was published.

In a promotional video composed of a video call format, Choi Soo-young said, “There are only two days left until the first broadcast. Visual explosion, chemistry restaurant ‘Run On’, please expect and love a lot.”

JTBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Run On’, which is scheduled for the first broadcast on the 16th, depicts the romance of young people approaching each other with different languages and speeds in an era where communication is difficult while speaking Korean. Choi Soo-young played the role of Seo Dan-ah, the heir of the signature group, who had lived a life with fierce competition.

Photo|JTBC Drama YouTube Channel

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