Day6’s ‘Zombie’ Lyric MV, ‘Japanese National Idol’ Arashi plagiarized?

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Controversy about the similarity between the music video of ‘Zombie’ Lyrics of group Day6 and the music video of Japanese group Arashi has been raised. Since Day6’s music video was released a month earlier, the opinion that Arashi had plagiarized Day6’s music video is gaining strength.

Recently, on online communities and social media, an article was posted that pointed out that the music video of Arashi’s ‘face down: rebon’ and the Lyric music video of Day6’s ‘Zombie’ are similar. It is pointed out that the ‘Zombie’ Lyric music video was produced in an animation method that arranges the thoughts of the characters in their heads, but it is pointed out that the way Arashi’s music video is developed is almost similar.

In this regard, JYP Entertainment, the agency of Day6, has no official position to say this. However, ‘Zombie’ Lyric music video producer side expressed regret.

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