IZ*ONE Eunbi x Wonyoung x Sakura, human tree penalty makeup…’cute’

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Group IZ*ONE Kwon Eun-bi, Jang Won-young, and Sakura Miyawaki transformed into a human tree.

On the 13th, the YouTube channel ‘Dingo Music’ uploaded a video titled ‘IZ*ONE lying down (?) as a group while playing a mafia game.’ In this video, IZ*ONE, who made a comeback with the fourth mini-album ‘One-reeler’ on the 7th, is playing a dance mafia game.

The members of Aizu One who were selected as the mafia on this day were Kwon Eun-bi, Jang Won-young, and Sakura Miyawaki. Ahn Yu-jin was elected as a police officer, and the rest of the members automatically became citizens.

The rules of the dance mafia were a little different from the general mafia. Citizens and policemen wore headsets that play I*ZONE’s songs, but the Mafia wore headsets with songs with distinctly different rhythms and melody, such as Narsha’s ‘Piripapa’. In this state, we have to show choreography to IZ*ONE’s song together.

Sakura was first arrested due to the performance of member Kang Hye-won, and Jang Won-young and Kwon Eun-bi were also quickly pointed out as the culprit, and the civic team eventually won. The mafia team received a human tree makeup as a penalty. The members tasted the joy of victory by putting decorations on the bodies of the mafia teams.

Netizens responded with “all three are cute”, “congratulations on IZ*ONE’s comeback”, and “a Christmas feeling.”


Photo| YouTube channel’Dingo Music’

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