Jang Young-ran shows her ‘Desire House’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Jang Young-ran announces the current situation as the twenty-third client for ‘The House Detox’.

On the 14th at 10:30 p.m. on tvN’s ‘The House Detox’ (directed by Kim Yu-gon, Kim Sang-ah), Jang Young-ran, a broadcaster called ‘Human Vitamins’ of the entertainment community, appeared with her family. Her ‘Love House’, where she lives with a loving husband and lovely two children, is revealed, and a figure of seeking a ‘fresh organizer’ to create a new space through organizing is drawn.

On this day’s broadcast, the reality of the house that seemed as perfect as living a life without worrying about organizing things on social media such as an open kitchen and a gorgeous chandelier reminiscent of a banquet hall will be revealed. In this reality, it was not organized due to excessive interior. Even though Park Na-rae is fine enough to shout Jang Young-ran’s interior as ‘pretty trash’, the identity of the space where the spaces of useless objects appear one after another are revealed.

The entire collection of books that occupied the whole house, Jang Young-ran’s husband, who is dying in his son’s room without his private space at home, the daily life of the brothers and sisters whose living room became the main living space, etc. You can check what is on today’s broadcast.

In particular, the up-and-coming organizers and experts are known to give the interior that maximizes the taste of Jang Young-ran and the prescription for clean-up drugs that enhance the quality of life, raising expectations. The result of the massive movement of space that can solve not only lifestyle improvement but also the biggest problem of parenting, which is the biggest concern for newlyweds, is scheduled to be released on broadcast today.

On the other hand, tvN ‘The House Detox’ is a program that organizes things in your own space, ‘home’, and shares know-how to add happiness to the space, and is broadcast every Monday at 10:30 pm.


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