Jung Ryeo-won “My House Ryu Jun-yeol Photo Exhibition”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Jung Ryeo-won showed her fan spirit by hanging two photographs of fellow actor Ryu Jun-yeol at home.

On the 14th, Jung Ryeo-won released a picture of the room with a post saying, “Second photo! from. Ryu Jun-yeol. It’s really cool.”

In Jung Ryeo-won’s room, one bottle is filled with Ryu Jun-yeol’s photographs. Following this, Jung Ryeo-won changed the composition and posted a photo of the other work of Ryu Jun-yeol, who walked earlier, and the work he walked on that day.

Along with the photo, she wrote the phrase “My House unexpectedly changed to Ryu Jun-Yeol Photo Exhibition” to make fans laugh. Ryu Jun-yeol responded with “Awesome choice! Awesome!” while sharing Jung Ryeo-won’s story post.

Three weeks ago, after visiting Ryu Jun-yeol’s first photo exhibition, Jung Ryeo-won said, “I was thrilled to see the exhibition where I miss a peaceful daily life just by looking at a car that was frustrated by the corona. Will I be able to see it? At that time, I have to live with great gratitude. Thank you. Really.” She seems to have purchased Ryu Jun-yeol’s two works that were shown in the photo exhibition.

Netizens responded with “Good writers and good eyes”, “It’s a special friendship” and “I want to buy it too.”

On the other hand, Ryu Jun-yeol successfully finished her first photo exhibition ‘Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood’ on the 29th of last month.


Photo| Ryeowon Jung, Junyeol Ryu SNS

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