T-ara Ji-yeon, alluring + sexy + elegance [pictorial]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Ji-yeon of T-ara, who is active in various fields, including drama and YouTube,  showed off her goddess beauty with a different atmosphere.

In the pictorial released by Magazine First Look, Ji-yeon expressed an elegant and seductive feeling in the shooting with the red concept. The atmosphere was overwhelmed with a skillful and delicate pose along with intense colors such as red and black.

In an interview that took place after the photo shoot, I thought, “Honestly, ‘Is this going to be?’ about what became a hot topic on stage a while ago. In the past, I planned and prepared stages for concerts and fan meetings with the members many times, but it was not easy. Now that I am working on each other, there were many difficult parts in the coordination process. Even when I first went to the practice room, I couldn’t realize it. As soon as we gathered and practiced yesterday, the body moves naturally as soon as the song starts, which was really amazing. Then the day I stood on the stage, my emotions seemed to have completely exploded. I was happy, but I felt a strange feeling that I felt like tears would fall.”

In addition, regarding the drama ‘Imitation’, scheduled to be aired in the first half of next year, she said “I remember being surprised as soon as I saw the script because the world of idols in the drama is realistically depicted. There were a lot of scenes that resonated while reading. So I thought I could express it well. The fact that she is an ordinary woman in her twenties who lives in the admiration of many people and feels loneliness outside the camera even though she looks like a person who has nothing to be saddened with.” She revealed her figure that she fell in love with the role.

Ji-yeon’s pictorial and interview can be found in No.209 of the magazine ‘First Look’.


Photo courtesy | First Look

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