‘Video star’ Seo Dong-ju “I quit my job at the US law firm… I’m taking a rest”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Seo Dong-ju quits the US law firm and is taking a break.

MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Video Star’, which airs on the afternoon of the 15th, is decorated with ‘My Lovely Baby’ featured by Sunny, Grand Library, Nicole, and Seo Dong-ju. Seo Dong-ju showed her affection for pets.

Seo Dong-ju surprised everyone by saying, “I quit my job at the US law firm”. She said, “It feels like I’ve come back to my family,” and said, “I thought it was fate after receiving a call from the public in time for the break.”

Seo Dong-ju is one of the most reputable companions in the entertainment industry, with two dogs and one cat. Especially, the first meeting with two dogs was special. When the dog was first rescued, Chloe was in very poor health and was regrettable by revealing that she was supposed to be the mother dog of a dog factory. However, the back door said that the studio was warmed by the appearance of Chloe who became healthy thanks to the love and care of Seo Dong-ju.

In addition, Seo Dong-ju was surprised to learn that she spent the same amount as her college tuition for her pet dog Leah’s kindergarten fees. For the effective socialization education of young Leah, she was enrolled in a kindergarten where she had to go through document screening and several interviews. Seo Dong-ju said that although the tuition fee is a bit expensive at 100,000 won per day, she has invested generously with her extraordinary educational passion for Leah. The performance of Leah, the dog of Seo Dong-ju, who took the elite course, will be revealed through the broadcast.

Seo Dong-ju’s extraordinary love for pets and her dogs Leah and Chloe’s activities can be seen on December 15th at 8:30 pm at MBC Every1’Video Star’.


Photo courtesy| MBC Every One
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