Ahn Hyun-mo encourages menstrual rights awareness to increase “Women of vulnerable groups are exposed to diseases because they cannot buy sanitary products”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Ahn Hyun-mo, an interpreter and broadcaster, showed a good influence by encouraging the improvement of awareness of the border crossing.

On the 15th, Ahn Hyun-mo posted a long article on her Instagram.

She said, “Even at the moment you read this article, 1 in 5 women, half of the total population, is menstruating. Any human born with a female body has a period for more than 2000 days.”

“However, this natural phenomenon is often taboo, and low-income women in many countries, including Korea, are still suffering from menstrual poverty, regardless of rich or poor country. Women of vulnerable groups cannot buy sanitary supplies, so they cannot buy newspapers, shoe insoles, and so on. They even replace it with hay and are exposed to dangerous diseases.”

Ahn Hyun-mo introduced a non-profit organization related to cross-border in the United States and encouraged the purchase of goods for profit and participation in fundraising campaigns.

At the end of the feed, she wrote, “The right to menstruation is a basic human right that the UN has specified as the right to sanitary and safe menstruation. I hope that it has contributed to raising awareness of the right to menstruation for a while.” More people started to learn about menstrual rights.

In the photo released along with the text, Ahn Hyun-mo is wearing a hooded t-shirt made by a non-profit organization that was introduced. Ahn Hyun-mo’s good and strong eyes shine.

Netizens responded with “Thank you for this post”, “Good influence”, and “Your face is pretty and my heart is pretty.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Hyun-mo is an interpreter and broadcaster from SBS reporter. In 2017, she married Brand New Music CEO Rhymer.


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