[Exclusive]’Morning Yard’ PD “I contacted Park Jin-young and Rain”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Morning Yard’ PD Kim Min-hee shared the process of Park Jin-young and non-appearance and asked for expectations.

Park Jin-young and Rain, who declared the formation of the duo after 11 years, appear on KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’ as their first debut stage in the new year.

Park Jin-young, who produced the group god, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, TWICE, GOT7, ITZY, etc. Rain announced the formation of the duo after 11 years, reaching its second heyday with ‘Kang’ reverse driving and group budding. As the first stage of the duet, the two appear on the ‘Morning Yard’ rather than a music broadcast, and are raising expectations by predicting the debut stage of the new song and an ultra-high-end performance.

In this regard, PD Kim Min-hee of ‘Morning Yard’ told Maeil Economic Daily Star Today on the 15th that “Park Jin-young and Rain decided to be on Morning Yard first. Isn’t this a time when reverse ideas work? It is obvious that singers appear on music broadcasts and there are many entertainments, but I think I thought that approaching culture in reverse would have an influence.”

“There will also be a topical influence. Twice, a girl band produced by Park Jin-young, also appeared in ‘My Hometown at 6:00’. Yoo Jae-suk also appeared in the ‘Morning Yard’. I think I chose such a combination of unexpectedness. This is the program they picked. I contacted him first, and he said he thought of a meaningful program on the New Year’s broadcast on January 1st.” said Kim Min-hee.

In fact, ‘Morning Yard’, which celebrates its 30th anniversary next year, recorded the highest viewership rating of 11%, and is sweeping the top spot in real-time search terms on the portal site on weekday mornings.

In addition, PD Kim Min-hee said, “On the first day of the new year, the people with the most impact came out. It is surprising that people who did not appear in the ‘Morning Yard’ come out. Isn’t ‘Morning Yard’ a warm program that gives comfort to hope and courage, not just to promote new songs. They will also come out with a concept that supports comfort and dreams in their first room in 2020. From that point of view, look forward to seeing what kind of hope and comfort will be courageous as they are absorbed in the ‘Morning Yard’.”

Park Jin-young Rain will appear in ‘Morning Yard’, which will be broadcast at 8:25 am on January 1 of next year.


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