IU “I can buy it for me … so I’m happy” ( “IU Official”)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Said the singer IU happy.

The last 14 days the official YouTube channel video titled “Lee Ji-geum [IU Official] ‘What Hoon thinks about Ji-eun?’ was released. In an interview broadcast Wednesday was a sister to a brother Lee Jong-hun starring IU.

On this day, Lee Jong-hoon asked, “I work really hard. But there are times when I wonder if I would be happy if I live like that. What is the standard of happiness for my sister, and is she happy now?”

IU has defined happiness as “very happy if this happened. I think so. grand happiness but just a straight happiness that I’d see. Sadly, things do not look as if there is no one happy to drive me to.”

“It’s always difficult to answer this question like this. Isn’t there the expression of the word happiness. But if I say ‘I’m happy’, I don’t think I should be wearing a tired expression somewhere, I don’t think I should be expressionless. It’s a difficult question to say, ‘I’m happy’ in front of people you don’t know. Still, I’m happy to answer because I think my younger siblings and my fans who understand me to some extent see this video.” said IU.

IU added, “Of course, of course days are sad day, tough. But that does not think that the people that I not happy. I’m still valuable, I still good. Do good forward to where I can buy me, I do not want to live with others I can say that I am happy.” Her opinion impressed fans.

Lee Jong-hoon, who was worried about his sister, also shed tears of relief.

Meanwhile, IU is scheduled to meet with the audience with a character ‘Lee So-min’ of the new movie ‘Dream’, directed by Lee Byeong-heon.


Photo| YouTube channel’IU Official’

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