Jennie became a donation fairy… On the 9100th day of birth, ‘2 crowns’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In the idol ranking service ‘Choi Aedol’, BLACKPINK Jennie was selected as the 98th Donation Fairy by receiving 58,928,735 votes on December 14 based on the passionate affection of domestic and foreign fans.

On the 14th, on the 9100th day after Jennie was born, the firepower of Fandom Blink shined. To celebrate Jennie ‘s birthday, BLACKPINK’s fandom Blink encouraged voting by posting affectionate messages such as ‘I’ll always support and love Jennie’ and ‘Thank you for your birth, Jennie’ on various social media, and encouraging voting to win two donation fairies. Achieved.

Group BLACKPINK recently announced through YG Entertainment’s official SNS that they ‘begin a journey to learn more about climate change’, and announced the news of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in November 2021. The video of BLACKPINK, which induces fans to participate in the journey of this climate change campaign in collaboration with the British Embassy in Korea, will also be used in the ‘2020 Climate Ambition Summit’.

Jennie has been selected as a donation fairy twice so far and has achieved a cumulative donation of 1 million won. The donation to be delivered to the ‘Milal Welfare Foundation’ in the name of Jennie is used for job support projects for the disabled.

The total cumulative donation amount of ‘Choi Aedol’ is 187 million won. The cumulative donation amount for each idol is Kang Daniel 31.5 million won, the group EXO 26 million won, the group BTS 21.5 million won, the group Twice 205 million won, and Tzuyu 12 million won.

On the other hand, ‘Choi Aedol’ converts the cumulative rankings over the last 30 days to donate as a donation angel if it achieves first place, and as a donation fairy if it reaches 55,555,555 votes or more on various anniversaries.

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