JYP Twice → ITZY, selected as ‘The Songs and Albums That Defined K-Pop’s Monumental Year in 2020’ by US Time

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Four teams of JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) artists have been named in the ‘2020 K-POP Representative Song & Album’ selected by TIME, an American current magazine.

Time recently selected and announced 10 each of ‘The Songs and Albums That Defined K-Pop’s Monumental Year in 2020’ through the official website.

JYP’s artists DAY6, Twice, and Stray Kids were ranked in the album category, and ITZY was ranked in the song category, proving global popularity.

About DAY6’s 6th mini album ‘The Book of Us: The Demon’ released on May 11th, TIME said, “DAY6 is a band that creates an impressive song. The song featured in this album. They are proud of the lyrics that leave a lingering sound.”

Regarding Twice’s second studio album ‘Eyes wide open’ released on October 26th, “The tracks in this album were linked with the theme of light vs. darkness. Twice has a sweet voice over inner chaos. Wow, expressing it with an exciting rhythm, it gives relief and vitality to the listener.”

For the repackage album ‘IN生’ of Stray Kids’ first regular album’GO生’ released on September 14th, “Both ‘GO生’ and ‘IN生’ are albums with a festive atmosphere.” Said.

‘Not Shy’, released by ITZY on August 17, was selected as one of the K-pop music of the year. Time said, “ITZY has developed its own strength rapidly since its debut in 2019. ‘Not Shy’ is a song with great replay value.”

As such, the JYP artists who hotly heated up the year 2020 continue to be active until the end of the year, giving fans joy.

DAY6 (Even of Day) will be released on the 27th at 5pm on Naver V LIVE through ‘DAY6 (Even of Day) Online Party Night ‘The Arcane Salon’. It will be broadcast live worldwide.

Twice will release a new song ‘CRY FOR ME’ at 14:00 on the 18th. This song has heated up online since it was first released at the ‘2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ held on the 6th.

Stray Kids ranked second in the ‘2020 Top K-Pop Groups’ category in the Year in Review chart, which compiled usage statistics for the year by global platform Tumblr.

ITZY is a 2019 debut group in the category of ‘TOP STREAMED K-POP SONGS GLOBALLY’ with the title song ‘WANNABE’ in ‘2020 Wrapped’ released by the global music platform Spotify. The only name among them was listed.


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