‘Korea University’ Park Hye-soo, a cute young girl

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The pictorial of actress Park Hye-soo was released.

Park Hye-soo, who showed perfect chemistry with actor Go A-Sung Lee Som through the recent movie ‘Samjin Company English Class’, recreated clear energy through the ‘First Look’ pictorial.

In the movie, Park Hye-soo, who perfectly digested the unconventional style of retro styling with a short cut, boasted a visual that maximizes a bright and clear image in this pictorial.

When asked to tell the story behind the movie through an interview, Park Hye-soo replied that she had a thorough personal life in order not to spoil her fragile mushroom head. However, it was said that the time almost a year was very free, and at the same time, she discovered a new image by herself.

When asked why Park Hye-soo chose the “Samjin Company English Class”, she replied “The story was interesting” without hesitation. She was a student who only studied when he was in school, and she said that he was able to work hard throughout the filming because it was fun.

The pictorial of Park Hye-soo’s bright appearance can be found in ‘First Look’.


Photo courtesy | First Look
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