Lee Si-young, good influence… “I picked up Cheonggye Mountain trash”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Si-young practiced environmental protection even in cold weather.

On the 15th, Lee Si-young posted a post on her Instagram on the 15th, saying, “Today I picked up Cheonggye Mountain trash with ‘Santa TV’. It was more meaningful and fun because it was a content that cleans the mountain at the end of the year.” ‘Santa TV’ is a YouTube channel dealing with climbing content.

She added, “Only 129 billion masks are thrown away in a month. When you throw away a mask, please tie it up or remove the string. I hope that the precious mask that protects us does not repeat another vicious cycle.”

Lee Si-young added, “The stairs are slippery, so you must prepare crampons when climbing. It is better to prepare a hat with earplugs or earplugs rather than a cap hat when climbing.”

In the photo posted with the article, the image of Lee Si-young on Mt. Cheonggye was captured. She also authenticated the trash he picked up through photographs.

In response, netizens left comments such as “You’re pretty even in your heart”, “Be careful of winter climbing”, “Tie the mask tightly”.


Photo|Lee Si-young SNS

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