Popular Japanese actor Ren Ozawa, assaulted girlfriend + forced abortion… Agency “Termination of Contract”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

It was revealed that Japanese popular actor Ren Ozawa (29) beat his ex-lover and forced him to have an abortion.

The Japanese media’s Weekly Munchun reported on the 14th that “It was revealed that Ren Ozawa, a voice actor of the animation ‘A3!’ and appeared in TV Tokyo ‘Performance NG’, was assaulting a younger woman A, who had been dating for 5 years.”

Reportedly, five years ago, Ren Ozawa met A, who was a 16-year-old high school girl at the time, and confessed to A for her beauty, and developed into a romantic relationship. After that, the two started living together from last year. When A was pregnant with Ren Ozawa’s child and informed of this, Len Ozawa said that he forced him to have an abortion, saying, “Is this my child?” A tried to give birth to a child despite Ren Ozawa’s coercion, but Ren Ozawa intensively beat his girlfriend’s abdomen and assaulted her. Eventually, A had an abortion in September.

When A asked to break up, Ren Ozawa assaulted her and treated well her again and again. After that, when A tried to escape, he violated an assault and caused a concussion. A tried to take her own life in the apartment where he lived with Ren Ozawa on the 28th of last month due to repeated violent remarks and assaults by Ren Ozawa, but escaped with the help of an acquaintance.

It is known that the note written by A before attempting extreme choices contained the content that “I didn’t want to die. (Ren Ozawa) was forced to have an abortion. I wanted to give birth to a child. In an interview, A insisted, “It’s really scary to not know what will happen to Len Ozawa.”

Weekly Munchun met with Ren Ozawa and asked questions such as ‘Is it true that you assaulted your girlfriend?’, ‘Is it conceived?’, ‘Is it correct that you forced an abortion?’, but Ren Ozawa said, “Ask a question through your company. It is known that the answer was repeated.”

On the 14th, Ren Ozawa’s agency replied, “I checked with myself and it was true. I will sincerely apologize for the other woman. Considering the weight of the situation, I will terminate the contract with Ren Ozawa.”

When the incident of Ren Ozawa became known, Japanese netizens responded critically, such as “unforgivable behavior”, “Is the reason I met a minor from the beginning was to suppress it?”, “Ren Ozawa has to be punished properly” and “I hope the victim is not difficult”.


Photo| Len Ozawa SNS
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