Why did ‘Kairos’ Shin Seong-rok and Hwang Jung-min meet again?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Kairos’, an unusual atmosphere between Shin Seong-rok and Hwang Jeong-min was captured.

In MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Kairos’ (played by Lee Soo-hyun, director Seung-woo Park, production OH Story, Blossom Story), broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 15th, Hwang Jung-min (played by Kwak Song-ja) broke into the officetel by Shin Seong-rok (played by Kim Seo-jin). Delivering new information about a gangster.

Earlier, future Kim Seo-jin (played by Shin Seong-rok) evacuated Gwak Song-ja (played by Hwang Jeong-min) to an officetel to escape the pursuit of Yoo Seo-il (played by Shin Gu). However, Kwak Song-ja was attacked by an attacker who suddenly attacked and was seriously injured. Here, her voice file fell into the hands of Seo Do-gyun (played by Ahn Bo-hyun), lighting up the unpredictable development.

In the midst of this, the appearance of Kim Seo-jin and Lim Geon-wook (played by Kang Seung-yoon) facing Kwak Song-ja is revealed to draw attention. Kim Seo-jin’s expression standing in front of Kwak Song-ja is shocked beyond surprise, while Lim Geon-wook’s resentment makes her curious as to what she would say.

In particular, on this day’s broadcast, it was revealed that the man who tried to harm Kwak Song-ja was also related to the death of Kim Seo-jin’s father, and the development of a sense of urgency than ever before will continue. In addition, as the identity of her voice file was revealed, it also foretold a history of a shocking narratives.

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday miniseries ‘Kairos’ will be broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 15th.


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