7 teams of best program nominees for ‘2020 KBS Entertainment Awards’ revealed… Special stage notice

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Seven programs that were nominated for the’Best Program Award’ at the ‘2020 KBS Entertainment Awards’ were unveiled.

2020’Best Program Awards’ nominations include ‘2 Days 1 Night Season 4’, ‘Dogs are Incredible’, ‘Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend’ ,’Boss in the Mirror’, and ‘The Men Who Save Life’ A total of 7 programs have been uploaded, including 2′,’The Return of Superman’, and ‘Fun-staurant’.

This year, seven nominated teams will show off a special campaign stage to receive votes from viewers. As it is a prize selected by viewers’ vote, it is said that it prepared the stage with all its passion and passion.

Superman’s dads and children of ‘Return of Superman’ are going to show off a cute carol stage that triggers the smiles of their aunts and uncles just by looking at Christmas. In addition, the ‘2 Days 1 Night Season 4’ team, which is currently conducting the 1st anniversary project ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea’, also announced an unprecedented stage. Recently, in collaboration with singer Taemin, the members who received hot attention by showing off the choreography of ‘MOVE’, the representative song of sexy dance, are looking forward to seeing what stage they will once again arouse the topic this time.

‘Boss in the mirror team, led by the Korean hip-hop master Tiger JK, will show off the teamwork of the Sadanggu team, as well as show off the teamwork of the Sadanggu team, and announce a new concept stage where music and entertainment come together. In ‘The Men Who Live Alive Season 2’, actors representing various genres, including Poppin Hyun-joon Park Ae-ri, Yoon Joo-man, and Noh Ji-hoon, gathered together and showed strong confidence that they prepared a joyful stage that could be even a little bit of strength in a difficult situation.

‘Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend’ team is planning to seduce viewers with a tremendous stage that explodes with emotions by selecting songs that can show off their cool singing skills by Shin Dong-yeop, Kim Tae-woo, Kim Shin-young, and Kim Jun-hyun.

The special stage that can only be seen at the ‘2020 KBS Entertainment Awards’ does not end here. In addition to the stage of the 7 candidate teams, it is known that the stage will be held in celebration at the ‘Trot National Sports Festival’, which is becoming a hot topic every day with high viewer ratings from the first broadcast, and is expected to raise the atmosphere at the end of this year.

Amid increasing curiosity about who will be the protagonist of the ‘Best Program’ award and what kind of rich stages will come to viewers, the main character and special stage of glory will be broadcast on KBS2 at 8:30 pm on the 24th at the ‘2020 KBS Entertainment Awards’ You can check it in’.


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