‘Eye Contact’ Kim Won-hee “Twenty years ago, Kang Ho-dong was disappointed…” Why?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Eye Contact’ special MC, Kim Won-hee, who’s known as the ‘Original Barbie Doll’, shared her memories by revealing a unique past relationship with MC Kang Ho-dong.

On the channel A ‘Eye Contact’ to be aired on the 16th, a new special MC Kim Won-hee appeared in 3MC Kang Ho-dong, Lee Sang-min, Haha’s enthusiastic cheers.

3MC started to ‘praise Kim Won-hee’, saying, “The original Barbie doll” and “The MC who speaks the best words”. Kang Ho-dong said, “I played a scenario with Won-hee 20 years ago. Indeed, I’m older than her, but in the role, Kim Won-hee was always my older sister.”

Kim Won-hee, who heard this, said, “It was a poor but always upright older sister in the absence of her parents, so she played a role in striking the head of her younger brother, Ho-dong, who had a bleeding nose.” Then she added, “At that time, I was disappointed with Kang Ho-dong, but he wouldn’t recommend all the meat if he grilled meat in a restaurant in the middle of the filming. I saw that and my score was cut.” Kang Ho-dong was embarrassed by Kim Won-hee.

Haha then asked Kim Won-hee a spiteful question, “If you choose one of Yoo Jae-seok, Shin Dong-yeop and Kang Ho-dong, who have tried to breathe together with MC?” Then Kang Ho-dong said, “Let her give more choice, including Kim Yong-man,” and tried to put aside even one person (?).

Kim Won-hee, who was worried, said, “Kim Yong-man has been together for more than 10 years, and Yoo Jae-seok is the same human being and a respectable object. And when I meet Shin Dong-yeop, it’s pleasant and uncomfortable…”, making Kang Ho-dong nervous again.

The result of Kim Won-hee’s selection, which made Kang Ho-dong nervous at the level of the ‘year-end awards ceremony’, will be revealed on Channel A ‘Eye Contact’, which will be broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 16th.

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