GFRIEND invites US Grammy Museum mini master class… The first K-pop girl group

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

GFRIEND, the Korean girl band, talked about music on the theme of music at the Mini Masterclass, an interview corner of the American ‘GRAMMY Museum’.

On the 15th (local time),’Gramy Museum’ released a video of a GFRIEND’s mini master class interview through the official YouTube channel.

Targeted at those who dream of becoming musicians, this mini masterclass is an interview series that talks about music with music industry professionals, including artists. GFRIEND was invited to the mini master class for the first time among K-pop girl bands.

The interview took place with Mark Conklin, director of artist and program management at the Grammy Museum Experience Prudential Center.

GFRIEND members talked about the qualification of a successful musician and their inspiration for creating songs, and what they could learn with music.

The first question was “What qualities do you need to be successful in what you do (music)?” Sowon replied, “The most important thing is skill, and you should always be a person who does not settle down and develops more”, and Umji emphasized, “You need your own unique character that can be distinguished from others.”

The next question was, “What is the best thing about what you’re doing now?” Yerin replied, “I think the best thing about being able to show various concepts to fans is.” Eun-ha said, “It’s best to meet members who feel like a family to me. I always have a lot of strength.”

GFRIEND also gave specific advice for students learning music. Yuju emphasized, “There is no need to be proud just because you have done something well, nor do you need to be overly frustrated because you make a mistake,” and emphasized, “It is important to study the shortcomings but grasp the strengths you have.” Sowon also shared with Yuju’s advice and added, “It is most important to take good care of yourself.”

GFRIEND also mentioned the ‘new project’ plan. Eun-ha replied, “I think I will prepare to show you the stage that is coming at the end of the year,” and Yerin drew attention by saying, “If there is a good opportunity, it would be good to compose an album with new songs one by one.”

On the other hand, GFRIEND has recently come back with the 3rd regular album ‘回:Walpurgis Night’, proving their growing musical competence and digestion of various concepts with the title song ‘MAGO’, from domestic and foreign fans. A hot reaction was obtained.

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