‘Hush’ Im Yoon-a, first filming making video released on YouTube

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Hush’ Im Yoon-a revealed the first shooting site.

At noon on the 16th, the behind-the-scenes video of the drama titled ‘Interview Free Pass Awards Out’ was posted on Im Yoon-a,s official YouTube channel ‘Yoona’s So Wonderful Day’, which is gaining hot interest.

In the released video, Im Yoon-a is drawing attention with a variety of charms, from the serious appearance of constantly reading the lines before filming and studying the characters, to the scene where she wears a school uniform, graduation gown, etc.

After finishing the filming, Im Yoon-a was embarrassed by the words of the director and staff who praised ‘Im Yoona’ and said, “I was nervous, but when I first transformed into ‘Lee Ji-soo’, I felt a new feeling. I will work harder in the future.”

On the other hand, Lim Yoon-ah plays the role of an intern reporter Lee Ji-soo in JTBC’s new Friday and Saturday drama ‘Hush’ (director Choi Kyu-sik, playbook Kim Jung-min, production Keyeast, JTBC Studio), which aired for the first time on the 11th. She has succeeded in expressing and acting in a realistic way and is receiving favorable reviews from viewers.


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