Hwang Young-jin, the love of his wife? “Twenty calls a day, interest and love”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Hwang Young-jin’s love for his wife was revealed.

Hwang Young-jin and Kim Da-som appeared in the recently aired SBS Plus entertainment program ‘You Can Talk to Sister’.

On this day, the MCs mentioned that Hwang Young-jin made more than 20 phone calls a day to his wife Kim Da-som.

On this day, Hwang Young-jin’s wife asked him why he called more than 20 calls a day. “Because I love my wife so much. I really love my wife. And, all of you must be jealous to my wife.”

Lee Young-ja said, “Are you insane?” Hwang Young-jin said, “I’m really worried about my wife, whenever she goes outside. She’s too young and lovely to me like a baby. Crimes against female have been surging,” he explained.


Photo| SBS Plus broadcast screen capture
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