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The names of the singers who were unfortunately eliminated before the third round in the reboot audition ‘Sing Again-Unknown Singer (hereinafter referred to as Sing Again)’ are being re-examined.

Participants of ‘Sing Again’ are unknown singers, and they are called ‘The Nth singer’ rather than their name according to the ‘number system’, which is a unique rule of the program, and only when they fail to advance to the next round will reveal their name.

The introduction of a ‘number system’ so that more people can remember the names of unknown singers by stimulating the curiosity about the names of singers. In fact, when the real names of those who were eliminated were revealed, they were also on top of real-time search terms.

Although they were eliminated from the 2nd round team competition, they can no longer be seen in Sing Again, but they still look back on the so-called ‘more glad to be dropped out’ singers who are looking forward to future music activities by their ‘names’ rather than numbers.

◆#Yoon Seol-ha & #Benty A stage where even mistakes were beautiful, singers who are now supported by the transcendental impression

Yoon Seol-ha participated in Sing Again as singer No. 45. After the first round of singing with sincerity as the oldest unknown singer, in the second round, viewers were once again impressed with the appearance of singing songs from the 2010s with Benty (No. 1 singer) who boasted a unique tone of vocals and talent. Yoon Seol-ha continued to challenge herself by singing the guitar for the first time since his debut in 1985. According to Yoon Seol-ha’s words that he values the message given by the song, Benty selected ‘UGLY’ of ‘2NE1’ and shared the pain of his appearance with the grand senior who showed off his experience, and shared the pain of his appearance on the stage.

In particular, Yoon Seol-ha and Benty received support from the judges by making even the mistakes on the stage into a drama. When Yoon Seol-ha, who was not familiar with the English lyrics, missed the beat for a while, Venti calmed Yoon Seol-ha and led the song again.

Among the participants in the second round, two unknown singers who overcame the biggest age gap of about 30 years gave an estimate of the time they spent trying to decorate this stage. Although they failed to advance to the next round after losing to the opposing ‘Who are their parents’ team, Yoon Seol-ha and Benty were able to reveal their names at last. In particular, Yoon Seol-ha said, “I thought about the possibility of singing again,” and cheering and encouragement is pouring into her future career as a singer.

◆ #Darin revealed that she’s a big fan of the 20th singer and fantastic harmony collaboration, two letters of name clearly imprinted

Singer #Darin participated as singer #56, contributing to the rebellion of the group of unknown singers. Darin, who introduced herself as the ‘singer who released the last album’ at the time of the first round final screening. With everything piled up in the veil, she sang Seong Si-kyung’s ‘Solar System’ with a deep and unique tone contrary to her youthful appearance, and gained 6 Again with a voice that added rich sensibility to a single guitar tune, and succeeded in advancing to the second round.

On the second round stage, Darin formed a team of ‘C.U Again’ with another emotional craftsman, Singer No.20, and sang Cho Yong-pil’s ‘He Is My Life’. It turns out that Singer No. 20 was a hidden fan of Darin enough to put Darin’s songs on the playlist a long time ago.

Darin showed a perfect harmony with singer No. 20 and received favorable reviews from the judges Kim Eana, saying, “I think the most viewed video just was born.” Although she was defeated by the opposing ‘National Treasure Sisters’ team and missed the opportunity to pass additionally, Darin appeared at the top of the real-time search word at the time of the broadcast and clearly imprinted the two letters of his name as a singer.

◆ #Weather Forecast & #Jinwon, the name of the ‘original singer’ that is engraved next to the legendary masterpiece

When they appeared on the show, there are singers whose names and their hit songs topped the real-time search terms together. The original song singer of ‘Doll’s Dream’ famous for the familiar lyrics and melody of ‘always after a step~’ is the weather forecast for a 3-member male group. Members of the weather forecast participated as singer No. 54 at the time of the first round final screening, not a remake version of the popular group Loveholic, but the original song of the original song singer Weather Forecast’s ‘Doll’s Dream’ and ranked in real-time search at the time of broadcasting 1 I also climbed on top.

In the second round that followed, singer Jinwon, who participated as a team of ‘Latte Three Men’ together with the weather forecast outing, attracted attention. Jinwon participated as the 21st singer at the time of the final round of the first round, and advanced to the second round through an additional pass and sang ‘The Fall of the Moon’, a famous song of the 1990s with Nadeul and Shin Min-cheol (singer No. 18).

Although he was defeated by the team of ‘You and I’m nerd’, the opponent with great skills, viewers were greeted by the appearance of Jinwon, who was like a sugar man of men, as the original singer of ‘I’ll Fix’, who once crippled the ballad world with men’s karaoke number 18. I couldn’t hide my gladness. Although Jinwon was eliminated, this stage was able to remind him of his name as a singer who was buried in the representative song.

On the other hand, Discovery Channel Korea co-produced ‘Sing Again’ with JTBC will be broadcast on both channels at 10:30 pm every Monday night.

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