Jason and Hong Hyun-hee, living in isolation like Romeo and Juliet

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hong Hyun-hee and Jason revealed their appearance at the time of self-isolation.

On the 15th, a video titled ‘Hong and Jason’s isolation life’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Hong Hyun-hee and Jason TV,’ run by the couple. In the video, the couple, who were classified as close contacts of singer Lee Chan-won, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the 3rd, had a self-isolation period of two weeks after the negative test.

At the beginning of the video, Jason said, “There is a need for quarantine among families. So, Hong Hyun-hee is quarantined in the bedroom and in the dressing room. The concept of time and date disappeared while living.”

On this day, Hong Hyun-hee exercised while looking out the window in her bedroom. She missed the usual daily life, and said hello to the car passing by the north riverside road and made a laugh.

The situation was the same for Jason. He ate foods known as ‘the one week diet of the girl band members to lose weight’ consisting of salad and grapefruit, and spent time knitting.

The couple who couldn’t meet each other loudly at home confirmed each other’s best regards. When Jason in a loud voice, “How are you?” Hong Hyun-hee replied, “Goodbye. I can hear you.”

Finally, Jason and Hong Hyun-hee said that they had successfully quarantined for two weeks and said, “Everyone, take care of yourself!” Jason and Hong Hyun-hee were released from quarantine at 12 noon on the 15th.


Photo | Jason, Hong Hyun-hee YouTube Channel

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