Shin Se-kyung x Lim Si-wan ‘Run On’… “Straight romance world” [General]

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today] “The story of cute and good-willed people”

The drama ‘Run On,’ starring Lim Si-wan, Shin Se-kyung, Choi Soo-young, and Kang Tae-oh, will be the first runner of the JTBC 9 o’clock Wednesday and Thursday drama.

‘Run On’ is a complete romance drama directed towards each other in different languages, different speeds, and times when communication is difficult while speaking the same Korean language.

Director Lee Jae-hoon, who directed ‘Today’s Detective’ and ‘Good Manager’, and Park Si-hyun, a new artist who threw a mark on the first mini-series, joined forces. Here, major actors such as Lim Si-wan, Shin Se-kyung, Choi Soo-young, and Kang Tae-oh appear and are drawing attention.

On the 16th, JTBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Run On’ (screenplay Park Si-hyun, Director Lee Jae-hoon, Production Mace Entertainment, Written by Contents) was held at an online production presentation. Military. It wasn’t an ordinary job, so I turned to experts for advice. There will be a sense of realism. There will be a sense of reality,” he explained.

At the same time, he showed special affection for the actors. “I would like to know what I would have done without these actors. They showed better than I expected in the field.” He added, “There were so many interesting lines. From the day I first met the author, I communicated well and the conversation was fun. The composition of the script was so good that I rarely changed the order of editing in the editing room.”

Lim Si-wan said, “After receiving the script for the first time, I felt that the words were delicious. I thought that these words were similar to the actual usage, and they came to me attractively.”

Regarding the romance after three years, Lim Si-wan said, “I wasn’t trying to avoid it…” and said, “It’s a work that has a lot of tickled words, so I’m excited while acting. It seems that there are certainly a lot more pleasant things than when I do dark work. He expressed his affection, saying, “I can feel something different as well.”

He, who played the role of sprinter ‘Ki Seon-gyeom’ in this drama, said, “It’s not common, but it’s not just a really cool part. He introduced it as a colorful and three-dimensional character.” He added, “I have a just and four-dimensional conversation, and even if I don’t seem to be interested in myself, I can’t stand it when I see injustice.”

Shin Se-kyung said, “It feels like all the characters are playing.” Shin Se-kyung transforms into the role of Oh Mi-joo, a movie translator in the play, and meets viewers.

She said of his character, “It is three-dimensional and has many different aspects. When it’s cool, it’s cool, when it’s insignificant it’s trivial. In addition, when he is geological, he is geological, and when he is cute, he introduced a cute character.”

She continued, “I thought that such a side was quite similar to me. I also thought it was realistic and attractive.” “I expressed it as’a poodle that pretends to be strong,’ but Mi-joo has a soft hairstyle. Also, when he is impatient and tempered, it feels like a small animal. I am filming while feeling the satisfaction of my surrogate.”

On the other hand, Choi Soo-young expressed the burden of playing a successful woman.

“Many female leader characters appeared, but I felt a burden or responsibility because I didn’t think I had seen such a young leader character,” she said.

She is the representative of a sports agency who believes that ‘Seo Dan-ah’ played by Choi Soo-young is the only thing he can’t do.

She said, “Seo Dan-ah lived with being taken away from the succession structure because she was a woman. So there is a heartache. Perfect at work, but growing up as a human. I think I had in mind that I am an inexperienced adult.”

Choi Soo-young said, “If I were a viewer, I felt like I would want to see it.” They are both everyday and special, and the characters are as well-meaning as the director said. Each of them had some flaws that seemed to be broken somewhere.”

In addition, she added, “It seemed that the story of healing by complementing each other, not pursuing a complete type, would be a good message for young people these days.”

She said, “My character is also good, but it is attractive enough to think that ‘My life is a girl who is Oh Mi-joo’. I also came to love other characters.”

Kang Tae-oh, who is a straight younger man who rides the ‘line’, plays the role of ‘Lee Young-hwa’ said, “There are many fun scenes. There are scenes from the play, and some are parody. It would be nice if you can expect a lot of that.” Choi Soo-young said, “Each job is different. Characters from different fields get entangled and fluttered. Our writer did that difficult. The chemistry of the characters that arises from being entangled with the charm of such a job is also a point of watching.”

‘Run On’ will be unveiled for the first time at 9 PM on the 16th. On this day, we also meet with viewers around the world through Netflix. Asian regions including Korea, English-speaking regions, and Arab regions will be released from the first airing date at 10:30 PM (Korea Standard Time) after the regular broadcast ends.

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