Tae Jin-ah “I moved to America at 28”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Trot singer Tae Jin-ah recalled the hard work he had in America when he was young.

On the 15th, comedian Seo Kyung-seok said on his YouTube channel, a video ‘A song, Ok-kyung, made a great star, Tae Jin-ah’  was posted. In the released video, Seo Kyung-seok met Tae Jin-ah and conducted an interview.

On this day, Seo Kyung-seok asked Tae Jin-ah to tell her story of overcoming adversity, saying, “Many people are struggling because the current situation is not good.”

As a result, Tae Jin-ah told the story of leaving for the United States at the age of 28. He said that he barely bought a one-way flight ticket at the time, and that his English improved as he peddled on the road.

Tae Jin-ah said, “I laughed now, but I didn’t have money at that time, so I peddled. In the winter season, I sold gloves and scarves. I also sold lighters and ballpoint pens.” He remembered the difficult times in America.

Tae Jin-ah is said to have been doing business during the day and singing in the club at night for two years. He said, “Every day was very difficult. I only ate two pizzas a day. I left the club at about 4 am and went back to the morning business. I fell down a few times.”

Tae Jin-ah said that it was thanks to his wife Lee Ok-kyung and his family that he was able to endure the difficult times. He expressed his love for his wife, saying, “I could become a popular singer thanks to my wife.”


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