‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Gal Gadot, Fashion Parade ‘The Extreme of Splendor’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Four Wonder Woman special posters for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ were released. Along with this, the stills that were released make us look forward to Gal Gadot’s fashion parade to be shown in the movie.

The movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ depicts the new performance of Wonder Woman, who met a new enemy in 1984, a new era full of surprises.

In this film, as in the released special poster, Wonder Woman presents a new suit, Golden Armor, which is known in Amazon legend as a magical armor that is absolutely impenetrable as a weapon for combating powerful enemies and fortifying herself. The armor has wings that can be folded and unfolded like a bird, and it is made like a glider based on the idea that the Roman soldiers formed a circle with a shield in front of the ranks, and it has the function of being a shield for landing and defense at the same time. Wonder Woman’s costumes also reflect the jewel-like era, more blue, and more golden colors to make them more glamorous than the predecessor.

Diana Prince, who doesn’t play a role as a superhero, shows refinement and dignity as an anthropologist and archaeologist curating ancient artifacts at the Smithsonian. An oversized jacket with an emphasis on the shoulders, a style of clothing from the 80s, and an intelligent aspect suitable for character setting, such as matching with a belt to the pant suit that was fashionable at the time, and giving a point with a kill heel on a navy blouse-type shirt and the same color pants Emphasized. Here, the dress that maximizes the elegant silhouette of the party statue confirms another charm.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is a beautiful film for all of us right now, a film for all, and a magnificent and glorious return full of emotion, hope, love, action, romance, and humor, making the audience more exciting. In addition to the exciting and spectacular action as a superhero film, this film explores the characters deeper and explores Wonder Woman’s emotional storyline. 1984, the background of the film, is a time when the United States has reached the peak of strength and pride, and mankind shows both the best and the worst. Commercialism, wealth, art, technology, glamour, everything is easily accessible, and a mindset such as “have it!” inevitably arouses more desire.

Thanks to this setting, it became an ideal background for depicting Wonder Woman’s compassion, sense of justice, fairness, and unchanging altruistic love for humanity. Like the character of Wonder Woman, full of faith and justice in humanity, it will deliver a message of affirmation and hope for the right strength and courage to show the true heroes the world wants and waiting for.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will be released on December 23rd. It will be screened in 2D and IMAX, ScreenX, 4DX, SUPER 4D, Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos® formats.


Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Korea

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