DHC Chairman of Japanese Cosmetics left another provocative remark targeting at Koreans

Japanese cosmetics company DHC Yoshiaki Yoshida also raised controversy with his derogatory remarks to Koreans. Photo|online capture

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The chairman of the Japanese cosmetics company DHC has also been criticized by Korean netizens for making a derogatory remark to Koreans.

On the 16th, Japanese cosmetics conglomerate DHC posted a post on the website under the name of  Yoshida. His post is controversial for ridiculing ethnic Koreans in Japan.

Looking at DHC’s online home shopping site, Chairman Yoshida compared the company with Suntory, a health supplement rival, in an article titled ‘About the desperation lottery’ and said, “Almost all of the talents used in Suntory’s commercials are Korea ·Chosun) affiliated Japanese, so it seems like you are booed on the Internet as ‘Zontori’.”

Here, ‘zon’ is a slang word that depreciates Koreans in Japan, and is used in the same meaning as ‘Jo Senjing’, a pejorative Japanese term mocking Koreans. He continued, “We (DHC) are pure Japanese, including talent appointments.”

In response, Seo Kyung-deok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University, sent a complaint email to Japan’s DHC on the 17th and informed him that “a global company should at least observe basic courtesy towards consumers in other countries.”

Professor Seo emphasized, “President Yoshida’s words and actions have always been vulgar. I sincerely apologize to the Koreans in Japan who have been hurt by this incident.”

This is not the first time President Yoshida’s remarks against Koreans.

In a message posted on the company introduction section of the homepage in February 2016, Chairman Yoshida despised Koreans in Japan as ‘pseudo Japanese’ and wrote, “I wish all of them to return to their home country.”

In addition, in August of last year, an extreme right-minded person who appeared on DHC TV said about the boycott of Japanese products in Korea, “Korea is originally a country that gets hot and cools right away. Japan just has to wait quietly.” He did not hesitate to remark the distortion of history, saying, “It has become the Korean language of the day.”

Professor Seo added, “We plan to develop a strong boycott of DHC and APA hotels, which have strong extreme right tendencies, both at home and abroad.”

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