[General] Singer Lee Seung-gi’s comeback “I want to hear praise for singing talent… The goal is ‘Kim Na-bak'”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

“I want to hear the story that Lee Seung-gi was a singer who sings so well.”

Lee Seung-gi, who is making a big success as a singer, actor, and entertainer, has returned as a singer after a long time. He has been active since the fall of 2017, but it has been five years since he released new news as a singer.

Lee Seung-gi, who released his 7th regular album ‘THE PROJECT’ on the 10th, held an online press conference on the afternoon of the 17th, and expressed his heartfelt feelings about the singer’s comeback, the story of the new album, and his determination as a singer.

Lee Seung-gi said, “After looking out for the first time in 5 years, it was an album that I prepared by overcoming this amidst a lot of worries and worries. The album name ‘The Project’ is a person who gave enough new songs to produce one album, “If I had two or three bodies, I could have made all the songs new, but I couldn’t do that, but I was able to build it as an album that was recorded by collecting and remastering the five previously released songs.”

Lee Seung-gi said, “I wanted to sing too much after going to the military, but my condition didn’t seem to have returned to normal, so the preparation period extended. Then, anyway, I started preparing, but it seemed that something wasn’t enough for me.” “It could have been postponed this year due to the natural disaster of Corona 19, but the thing that awakened me while I was preparing was by singing ‘Forbidden Love’ (in ‘The Butler’). You still love my voice and are a singer. I got confidence that I’m waiting for singer Lee Seung-gi. In fact, until that time, I was ready to prepare until I liked it, but many people saw it and gave me confidence, so I thought that it would be fuzzy when the year passed, so I thought that I was working on it.”

Album work started two years ago, but it took a long time to complete due to the environment where we were unable to concentrate on album work as we were engaged in various activities. Lee Seung-gi explained, “Because I was doing other activities, I didn’t have enough time to invest in the album throughout the year, so I started drawing pictures from the beginning and thought a lot about what kind of music I wanted to sing and what kind of song I wanted to sing.”

The album contained a total of 9 songs, including 4 new songs and 5 remastering songs such as ‘I’ll do it well’, ‘A boy, walking the street’, ‘An obvious man’, ‘Your eyes, your hands, your lips’. Top producers such as Yoon Jong-shin, Brave Brothers, Nell, and Epitone Project participated.

Regarding the opportunity to work with several producers, Lee Seung-gi, “I was so ambitious. After a long time coming back, I wanted to do this and that too,” he said. “I could have shown one color with one producer, but the work was postponed to the next. Orthodox ballads, Band feeling, treble, etc. I wanted to do various challenges.”

Among the producers’ reactions, the most memorable thing was “they say they sing better than I thought.” Lee Seung-gi said, “I sent the song guide right away, but the four people commonly said,’I sing better than I thought,'” he said. “After going to the military, you gave me a comment that the depth of voice and emotion became more deep.”

Lee Seung-gi said “Even in the memories of these producers, when you think of Lee Seung-gi, you will first come to mind such as ‘You’re my girl’, ‘Will you marry.’”

The title track ‘I’ll do it well’ is a song that perfectly harmonizes with Lee Seung-gi’s voice, which has a strong appeal, with lyrics containing regret and regret for not doing better after the breakup. About Lee Seung-gi’s song, “This is the song that was played to the members of ‘All The Butlers’ since the time of the guide. Didn’t Shin Seong-rok recommend it as the title song? As I haven’t released album as a singer for long time, I decided that the song that would inform fans that Lee Seung-gi came out as a singer rather than a jackpot was ‘I’ll do well’ and decided it as the title song.’” He said, “I’ve been back after a long time, so shouldn’t I tell you anything,” he said, “I also thought I wanted to show my singing skills.”

Lee Seung-gi said, “Because I’m in my 30s and my year is 16 or 17 years old, the first thing I want to do is make an album that I’m satisfied with. I wanted to show the perfection that I wasn’t embarrassed about, even if I showed it to others. So, I got a desire to be more serious and delicate. I wanted to hear the story that Lee Seung-gi is good even as a singer.”

Lee Seung-gi said, “Personally, I’m really satisfied with this album. Back to the beginning, I practiced a lot of vocalization and practiced based on basic bass, so I liked being able to control the songs I sang. Since I reduced the number of songs, no matter where I sang anytime, anywhere. I finished it with a song that I could sing while having good control.” He said, “I feel relieved after my 7th album goes to the world. There is not much regret.”

In the question of my personal favorite song, he said, “Each piece is too precious. It’s a song that we worked on together from the beginning, so it’s too difficult to choose one song. The song with the most justification is ‘Boy, Walking on the Road.’ The song was the beginning of this album, and I introduced it as the song that tried to melt my thoughts and stories while talking with me the most.

He also mentioned the feelings through JTBC ‘Sing Again’, a variety show which he is currently participating as an MC. Lee Seung-gi said, “The singers are good at that, but they are prepared a lot like that, but the opportunity is really important,” he said. “So I wanted to support more and serve better. I want to build a bridge between the judges and viewers,” he added.

He said, “I want to work harder and work hard not to be embarrassed by them. I’m also singing again (singing again). These days, some of my younger friends don’t know I’m a singer. He might have gone to a karaoke room.”

How did singer Lee Seung-gi, who has been in her 17th year of debut this year, look at music different from the beginning of her debut? Lee Seung-gi said, “At the beginning of my debut, everything was scary. I didn’t know what was professional. I was ignorant of the music with vulgar words. I think I called it with one ambition and passion. Many people around me helped and monitored it, but now it is music. I think it’s not just boasting, it’s conveying sounds and stories through my body, so if I can’t convey it, I feel more excited and trembling.”

In particular, Lee Seung-gi said, “I am not lacking in a sense of rhythm, but I am a genuineness that expresses emotion. The expressive power seems to be an advantage. I am not a person who has a very good groove or a great sense of rhythm. Instead, I try to fill my shortcomings with emotions, stories, and interpretations. I want to tell it like my real story.”

Among the various modifiers to describe himself, Lee Seung-gi showed a special affection for the ‘human amulet’. As for the goal I want to achieve through this album, I would like to add Lee (Seung-gi) to Kim Na-bak (4 singers recognized for their singing skills such as Kim Beom-soo, Na-eul, Park Hyo-shin, and Lee Soo) to become ‘Kim Na-bak-yi’. Recognized as a singer who sings well. I want to receive it,” he added.


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