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[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Model Byun Jung-soo nagged her daughter Yoo Chae-won and became kkondae.

In the E-channel entertainment program ‘Latte Parents’, which aired on the 16th, Byun Jung-soo and her husband Yoo Yong-woon, who are going camping with their daughter Yoo Chae-won and her model friends were drawn.

On this day, Byun Jung-su packed up his luggage for camping and said to her husband, “Take a picture of Chae-won’s friends, don’t be old, don’t try to discipline them.”

When her husband said, “I don’t do anything like admonition. I’m giving advice,” Byun Jung-soo said, “Advice is admonition.”

Byun Jung-soo promised “I’m not really nagging today.” But as soon as she arrived at the campsite, she started nagging Yoo Chae-won and her model friends, “I think you should take a picture in front of the tent. All of you would look so great in the photo.”

Eventually, Byun Jung-soo sat at the top seat and constantly urged her daughter’s friends, “Come quickly” and “Would you like to come soon?”.

Photo|Capture of E-channel broadcasting screen

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