‘Run On’ Shin Se-kyung, ‘Mi-joo Holic’… Perfect return for the wait

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

It was about 60 minutes that made me feel that the time waiting for Shin Se-kyung, who stood tall as an actress to see and trust, was not a waste. Shin Se-kyung launched a successful comeback through the JTBC drama ‘Run On’, which was first broadcast on the 16th.

‘Run On’, which has been attracting attention as Shin Se-kyung’s return to the CRT since before airing, is an era in which communication is getting harder, and is a complete romance drama directed toward each other in different languages, at different speeds, and at different speeds. Shin Se-kyung plays the role of ‘Oh Mi-joo’, a film translator who had to look back inertia, and made a big success as a leading role in leading the entire work.

What caught the most attention in the drama was Shin Se-kyung’s new face. Shin Se-kyung, who played her role in every work, made an appearance in the romance genre after a long time, so more than ever, hot interest and attention was focused.

As if living up to these expectations, Shin Se-kyung caught the attention by showing a diverse spectrum of acting, such as showing a cheerful and adorable charm, which is the point of the romance genre, as well as a form of youth that is close to reality.

From the first broadcast, Shin Se-kyung boosted ‘Mi-joo Holic’ with a hot performance that was completely assimilated to the character. She gave a thrilling catharsis by blowing a pinch of cool cider to the remarks of a prejudiced past advisor, while also empathizing with the grievances of a salty youth who knows how to endure unfair reality to protect what she loves.

In addition, the fateful encounter with Ki Seon-gyeom (Lim Si-wan) stimulated interest, as in the words of Mi-joo, “It’s very destiny. Mi-joo and Seon-gyeom reunited as interpreters and clients from benefactors who avoided direct fraud. The strange relationship between the two who are entangled like a coincidence and inevitably made the hearts of many people beat without hesitation, and a hot curiosity about what will happen to America in the future is soaring.

Like this, Shin Se-kyung generously showed off her outstanding skills as an actor in just one episode. If you focus on each of Shin Se-kyung’s eyes, facial expressions, and actions in the drama, the positive reaction that she has naturally immersed herself in Mi-joo is constantly continuing. Shin Se-kyung made a successful transformation based on her more mature acting skills. Attention is also being drawn to the colorful aspects he will show.


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