‘The trace of love’ Lee Yoo-young “A story that anyone may have experienced”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The trace of love’ Lee Yoo-young talked how she was casted in the drama.

On the afternoon of the 17th, an online press conference was held for the 9th film, ‘The Trace of Love’ of KBS2 UHD KBS ‘Drama Special 2020’. Due to the COVID-19, it was broadcast live online, with PD Yoo Young-eun and lead actors Lee Sang-yeop, Lee Yoo-young.

On this day, Lee Yoo-young said of her character, “Lee Ju-young is an ordinary office worker who lives in an architectural office in her mid-30s. In a way, she has a clear role to say and have her own subjectivity, which may seem tricky.”

Also, Lee Yoo-young said, “It’s a story that anyone has experienced. It is not very flashy, but it is a realistic story that can be viewed comfortably, transferred, and anyone can feel together. I felt like I could see the grievances of my work life with sympathy.”

‘The Trace of Love’ is a romance that empathizes with reality in which lovers who broke up point out the feelings that still remain. It will be broadcast at 10:40 pm on the 17th.


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