79-year-old Kang Boo-ja, Choi Baek-ho debuted as a singer with support shooting “Recorded this year” (‘Yesterday’)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kang Boo-ja collaborates with ‘hit song maker’ Choi Baek-ho and starts counting down her debut as a singer.

Kang Boo-ja appeared as the protagonist in the 7th episode of MBN’s music talk show ‘Life Album-Yesterday’ (hereinafter ‘Yesterday’), which airs at 11 pm on the 18th, listening to life stories and songs from his life as an exciting ‘Charming Rich Man give.

On the opening stage of this day, the rich man who sings ‘Bruce of Tears’ by singer Joo Hyeon-mi shows her special love for the song by memorizing all the lyrics of her favorite song throughout the recording.

Following MC Ahn Jae-wook, “According to one report, Kang Boo-ja will be releasing an album soon?”  “Choi Baek-ho produced a song for me,” Kang Boo-ja said.

Actress Kim Min-hee, who appeared as a ‘Life Song Singer’, also said, “I also received a song from Choi Baek-ho and released an album in the name of ‘Yom-hong’ in 2018.” Accordingly, Ahn Jae-wook tries to connect to Choi Baek-ho on the phone, and when the call is established, MC Joo Hyun-mi said “It seems that you are only giving songs to actresses. Choi Baek-ho does not panic and gives a laugh by coming up with a persuasive answer.

Finally, Choi Baek-ho asks a composer-like question, “Did you practice singing a lot, right?” and embarrass the rich man of the ‘preliminary singer’.

The singing skills of the rich man who is about to release the album and the tasting stage of ‘As You Get Older’ will be revealed in the 7th episode of ‘Yesterday’.

In addition, singer Geum Jan-di, musical actor Jang Eun-ah, vocalist Park Sang-don, ‘Voice Trot’ Park Se-wook, Moon Yong-hyun, and Ban Hyeong-moon will appear on ‘Yesterday’.

The 7th episode of MBN’s ‘Life Album-Yesterday’ will be broadcast at 11 pm on the 18th (today).


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