Jeong Sewoon, first full-length album ’24 PART 2′ comeback on January 6th

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Singer-song-writer’ Jeong Sewoon has entered a full-fledged comeback countdown.

On the afternoon of the 17th, the agency Starship Entertainment released Jeong Sewoon’s first full album ’24’ PART 2 comeback schedule through the official SNS channel. The schedule image, which expresses warm winter sensibility with a pink tone color, raises curiosity about this album with the appearance of Jeong Sewoon staring at the camera in his hand with the comeback schedule.

According to the published schedule, Jeong Sewoon will introduce various contents such as 24-log, concept photo teaser image, 24 film, preview, teaser, etc., starting with the release of the track list on the 19th.

Jeong Sewoon has grown up every time as the modifier of ‘singer-song writer’. After debuting with ‘JUST U’ in 2017, Jeong Sewoon, who showed a variety of charms across genres such as ‘BABY IT’S YOU’ and ‘Feeling’, has consistently recorded his own songs and developed outstanding musical capabilities. Boasted. Part 1 of the regular album ’24’, which was released last July, participated in the lyrics, composition, and production of all songs, and contained his own color. Through the title ‘Say yes’, he conveyed consolation to the youth and gave the listeners a healing.

As this album is the completion of the regular album ’24’, Jeong Sewoon is expected to express deeper emotions this winter.

Jeong Sewoon is planning to release his first full album ’24’ Part 2 on January 6.

Photo provided | Starship Entertainment

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