Kim Min-jung “I kiss every day with my husband, Shin Dong-il”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Min-jung shared her happy daily life with her 10 year-old husband.

KBS 1TV ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 18th, featured couples of various ages and talked with the theme of ‘You are suspicious~’.

On this day, Kim Min-jung, who turned 72 this year, said, “30 years have passed since I married my husband, who’s 10 years younger than me, but I kiss every day.” “I regret not having a child.”

She said, “There are times when I get sick, but living in the mountains is good. I don’t have anyone to meet, and I have less work to go out. Only the two of us are facing each other.”

In the past, Kim Min-jung said, “I got married for the first time and lived in a house in Hannam-dong, and that house was a tomb. I thought it was free to run away because it seemed like a prison without bars. I didn’t need money. I wanted someone with a warm heart.”

Kim Min-jung debuted as an MBC public talent talent in 1969, and in the 1970 drama ‘Jang Hee-bin’, she took on the role of Queen Inhyeon and rose to stardom at once.

Kim Min-jung and Shin Dong-il are a first-generation couple of older and younger couples who are currently living in the countryside and having a beautiful dusk.

PhotoㅣKBS screen capture
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