‘Show Me The Money 9’ today (18th) final… Who will be the winner of the fierce competition between rappers?

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The long-awaited final stage of Mnet’Show Me the Money 9 ‘(hereinafter ‘Show Me 9’) will be unfolded on the 18th.

On this day’s broadcast, Mushvenom, Swings, Raewon, and Lil Boi, who were selected as TOP4 through the semi-final contest on the 12th, compete on the final stage for the title of ‘Young Boss’ who will become the new protagonists of the Korean hip-hop scene.

Since the first appearance of ‘Show Me 9’, Swings, which is called ‘Another Level’, is being regarded as one of the strongest candidates for the championship. Raewon, who is on the rise after beating the championship candidate Wenstein in the semi-final, pledged to “write the history of the reversal once more.”

Mushvenom, who emerged as a winning candidate by building his own unrivaled style with excellent skills and wit, also showed strong confidence toward the Young Boss, and showed a stage that captivated the eyes and ears with a wrap that makes you fall in the moment you listen to it. “I will decorate it with a flashy display,” he boasted ahead of the final round.

At each contest, attention is focused on the final stage of who will be the final winner of ‘Show Me 9’, which is gaining attention by dominating the rankings of various music sources. The final stage of ‘Show Me the Money 9’, which has been prepared with an all-time super luxurious featuring corps and a special stage, will be broadcast on Mnet at 11 pm on this day.


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