‘Show! Music CORE’ 19th Cancelled due to the COVID-19

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Show! The music CORE’ won’t be on air.

According to a report on the 18th of Sports Chosun, the ‘SShow! The music CORE’ scheduled for the 19th was confirmed.

It’s a pre-emptive measure related to the the assistant director of MBC’s entertainment program ‘Guys Crossing the Line’ was confirmed as COVID-19 infection.

On the 19th ‘Show Music Center’, Kim Seong-gyu, IZ*one, Animal Band, Jeong Se-woon, Kim Jae-hwan, LOONA, Park Nam-jung x Choi Jeong-bin, Resona, Dark Bee, Wooah!, Ghost Nine, Bling Bling, BAE173, 2Z were scheduled to be appear on the show.


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