‘Turtles’ Z.E “Current university professor, I want to sing again”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Turtles member Z.E announced that she is currently living as a university professor.

On the 17th, on the YouTube channel ‘Recent Olympics’, a video titled ‘Meeting Z.E, the female rapper and now a college professor…”

On this day, MC Jun-i and Taec-i had a conversation with Z.E, who is now professors and mothers. MC Jun-i asked, “There are many people who don’t know much about Z.E’s life after the turtle activity.” She said, “Turtleman died in 2009. Then I wandered really much. Because I was too young at that time and Turtleman took care of everything. I just wondered ‘what should I do?'”

“I dropped out of school early. I made my debut at the age of 17, so I went to high school for about 3 days for a year. So I took the GED at that time and passed it. After that, I wanted to get a diploma, so I went to college late, but it was a junior college. I wanted to, so I studied again. It seemed to be fun, so I did a master’s degree, and then I was doing a doctoral course. Now, the last semester of my doctorate is over.”

MC Jun-i asked again, “Didn’t you marry around that time?” “That’s right. I got a call from the school and I went to teach students, and my husband was also a professor there. But he tried to take care about me,” she recalled. Jun-i and Taec-i were excited, saying, “It’s like a love letter.”

To Jun-i’s question, “What do you teach now?”, Z.E replied, “I teach record production in the entertainment department.” Taec-i also posed a cautious question, “How much activity can I expect from breaking down the wall of 10 years now?” Z.E said, “Unexpectedly, many people write comments such as’Cheer up’, ‘I missed you’, ‘Please release album again’.”

On the 9th, Z.E appeared with another member Geumbi in the Mnet entertainment program’ AI Music Project Once Again’. Together with Turtleman restored through holograms, they performed a complete Turtles members’ stage in 12 years and received great love from viewers.

“I cried a few days after seeing the comment. I couldn’t live because of tears. But I actually wanted to sing, but I’ve been holding it up. Now it is. If I get a chance, what can’t I do. It’s okay. They like my voice. I have a heart that I am doing.” said Z.E.

On the other hand, the group Turtles, to which Z.E belongs, debuted in 2001 and mass-produced numerous hit songs such as ‘Airplane’ and ‘Bingo’.


Photo| YouTube channel’Recent Olympics’

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