‘Wonderful rumors’ Lee Hong-nae and Ok Ja-yeon complete the lineage of all-time bad guys

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actors Lee Hong-nae and Ok Ja-yeon announced the appearance of a fatal villain that has never been seen through OCN ‘The Uncanny Counter’.

OCN’s topical works ‘Voice’, ‘The Guest’ and ‘The Uncanny Counter’, which are on a phenomenal rise with the highest ratings ever recorded in OCN, have something in common. The appearance of a villain character that cools viewers’ conversation ‘Voice’ is a drama about the fierce records of members of the 112 Report Center defending the golden time of a crime scene. In the play, Kim Jae-wook made the first row of the bedroom freeze with only the decomposition presence of the eerie psychopath killer, ‘Mother’. With the cruelty of killing people without hesitation with iron balls and having fun while listening to the screams of the victims, fans said that Kim Jae-wook expressed a villain.

‘The Guest’ is a drama about the story of a spirit medium, a priest, and a detective who confronted a crime committed by strange forces in various places in Korean society. In the play, Park Il-do is a demon who finds a gap in the soul suffering from reality, and the hosts in possession of Park Il-do exert their superpowers and murder. The mysteries surrounding Park Il-do’s identity, such as Kim Young-soo (played by Jeon Bae-soo) and Kim Eun-hee (played by Kim Ryoon-hee), who were in possession of the first inspiration, created a chilling fear in the home theater.

Meanwhile, Lee Hong-nae and Ok Ja-yeon completed the lineage of OCN’s greatest villains connecting the two characters with full-fledged activities. OCN Saturday’s original ‘The Uncanny Counter’ (played by Yeo Ji-na, directed by Yoo Sun-dong) is a refreshing and sweaty evil spirit-breaking hero in which the demon hunter ‘Counter’ disguises as a noodle restaurant staff and defeats the demons on the ground.

Hong-nae Lee, who was abandoned in an orphanage from the moment he was born in resentment as the third-stage demon ‘Jicheongshin’, is still wrapped in a veil. In the 4th epilogue, viewers’ eye stamps were taken with the cruel appearance of killing the former president (Lee Do-kyung) with scissors. In particular, the eyeball smoke shown in the ending of the 6th episode made the viewer’s hair stand up with a creepy fright. Accordingly, viewers left comments such as “History of Horror”, “Eyes, acting creepy”, “Jicheongshin’s impact”, “I’m afraid to see you again”, “I have a good mask, but I’m also good at acting”.

In the play, Ok Ja-yeon, who was played by Baek Hyang-hee, the ‘third-stage demon’, showed off her strong presence as an eerie female demon from the first appearance. A peanut-allergic husband was killed by feeding a peanut-mixed drink, and the smiling face with Baekgwi (Baek Hyang-hee’s evil spirit) in the mirror was enough to cause extreme tension. The elevator fighting scene was so hot that the rave about it was ‘everything’. The action of hitting each other in a confined space called an elevator, such as throwing each other into the air, and a girl crush explosion, which is rare in recent years, prevented viewers from taking their eyes off.

OCN’s ‘The Uncanny Counter’ production crew said, “The performance of the villains who exude a strong force just by their existence is indispensable with Counters’ cider performance,” and after taking luck, “In the play, Ji Cheong-sin and Baek Hyang-hee have a feeling of tension in the home theater. Please look forward to seeing if it will runaway.”

Meanwhile, the 7th episode of OCN’s Saturday and Sunday original ‘The Uncanny Counter’ will be broadcast on Saturday the 19th at 10:30 pm.


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