‘Archive K’ teaser released…Bang Si-hyuk → BLACKPINK, interview with legends

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

SBS special plan ‘Legendary Stage Archive K’ released the first teaser.

‘Legendary Stage Archive K’ is a high-quality music documentary show created by SBS after a two-year production period, and its first broadcast was confirmed on January 3, 2021.

Accordingly, the production crew raised expectations by revealing vivid testimonies of Korean popular music legends such as Park Jin-young, Bang Si-hyuk, and BLACKPINK, and the first teaser summoning the legendary stage such as Lee Moon-se, Lim Chang-jung, and Lula.

First, in the teaser video, Seong Si-kyung asked how he was offered to appear as an MC for ‘Archive K’ and said, “I thought it was necessary. Not only popular music but the history of mankind is ‘records’, and records are meaningful and important.”

Next, Park Jin-young said, “I was upset about the poorly recorded part of Korean popular music. In Korea, since all fields are growing at a high speed, the records and evaluations of past events are not systematic,” he said, emphasizing the justification of ‘records’. BLACKPINK also expressed sympathy for the purpose of ‘Archive K’, saying, “We thought it would be good to show the world what we do.”

In addition, this teaser video contains a total of 15,012 minutes of vivid interviews of 207 Korean pop music practitioners, and a total of 54 legendary stages for each genre, including Lee Moon-se, Lim Chang-jung, Lula, and Turbo, and a total of 121 legend artists. Every episode aroused interest in which legend musicians will appear.

In particular, at the Entertainment Awards held on the 19th, Seong Si-kyung, Yoon Do-hyun, Kim Jong-guk, Lee Sang-min, Sandara Park, and Jannabi made a special stage before the first broadcast. Comments were followed.

Currently, the ‘Archive K’ challenge video, in which legendary singers participated, is being released sequentially on the official SNS, and the SBS Changsha special plan ‘Legendary Stage Archive K’, where a large number of Korea’s best singers participate, will be the first at 11:05 pm It is broadcast.


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