Choi Kyung-hwan’s wife Park Yeo-won confesses rumors of an affair and ‘tears’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Former professional baseball player Choi Kyung-hwan & girl group trainee Park Yeo-won talks about the mother in ‘Afflicted Couple’.

On the 21st, Channel A and SKY co-produced a couple talk show, ‘Afflicted Couple’. Choi Kyung-hwan and Park Yeo-won appeared.

Choi Kyung-hwan is the first baseball coach to advance to the US as a Korean professional baseball outfielder as a player. After overcoming the age gap of 15 years and a past divorce experience, he decided to marry his wife Park Yeo-won. Choi Kyung-hwan laughed, saying, “I was introduced at a meeting with an acquaintance, and I fell in love at first sight.” Choi’s wife Park Yeo-won said, “At the time, I had a hard time as a girl group trainee, but my husband also met each other because it was a time when my husband suffered a pain in his marriage.” She said, “I chose a husband because I wanted to live with a child sooner than debuting as a girl group.”

However, due to the large age difference, Park Yeo-won was subjected to rumors against her. Park Yeo-won was shocked by saying, “Because my husband had a divorce, there were rumors that I was an affair and destroyed my husband’s original family and stole him.” Even the person who made the rumors was an acquaintance with whom she usually raised children. Special MC Seo Dong-ju couldn’t continue saying, “I cannot imagine a person around you have betrayed you.”

Park Yeo-won said, “It was the most difficult time in my life.” She finally shed tears, saying, “It was the most difficult time in my life,” saying, “I received bad attention because of such rumors even at the institution where my child is attending, and my husband said, ‘I’m sorry to have met a man in the past.'” Choi Kyung-hwan said, “I have many career expeditions and couldn’t take such things by my side… so my wife has endured it all alone.”

Eventually, Park Yeo-won went to the police station and sued the person who spread false rumors for defamation, and only after the person was punished was he able to escape from bad gaze. MC Hong Jin-gyeong said, “I have to reveal the truth like that even for the children,” and sympathize with the couple’s difficult story.

However, from this day on, Choi Kyung-hwan and Park Yeo-won held a battle without concessions in a different way from the previous story in the ‘Afflicted Couple’, which doubled from the existing one million won to 2 million won. The broadcast is at 10 pm on the 21st.

Photo courtesy of Channel A, ‘Afflicted Couples’

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