‘Face ID’ Ku Hye-sun, the reason for destroying smartphone? Real Life Revealed

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Ku Hye-sun reveals her unique daily life.

Ku Hye-sun will reveal her daily life through Kakao M’s web entertainment ‘Face ID’, which will be released at 12 noon on the 28th.

‘Face ID’ is a new concept mobile life reality that is generating a topic with a fresh format that reveals the lifestyles of stars through the stars’ smartphones. Top stars such as Lee Hyo-ri, Monsta X, and Shin Ye-eun appear and record smartphone screens. It has created a topic by showing unaffected real daily life through. Ku Hye-sun, who is currently engaged in various activities such as appearing in entertainment programs and opening a YouTube channel, plans to reveal her life as it is through ‘Face ID’.

On this day, ‘Face ID’ side also released a teaser that gives a glimpse of Ku Hye-sun’s appearance in advance, and the video reveals the actual situation of the ‘smart phone destruction’ photo that produced a lot of topics on her social media on the 11th is receiving high attention. At the time, Ku Hye-sun posted a picture of her smartphone with shattered LCD on her SNS and left an unusual phrase, “Plan to destroy everything D-10!”, which meant the teaser video to be released on the 21st. Turned out.

In the video, there is a scene where Ku Hye-sun, who picks up a hammer, smashes her smartphone without hesitation, shatters it, and surprises the surrounding production crew. Moreover, Goo Hye-seon, who consistently smiled brightly from beginning to end, said, “The tips for organizing human relationships! You just have to get rid of the mobile phone”, and the meaningful phrase “the aesthetics of destruction” is written on the background of the smartphone, raising questions about the reason for destroying the smartphone as well as her unique personality that will be revealed in.

The production crew said, “Ku Hye-sun has been challenging various fields as an actress, sometimes as an actor, sometimes as a film director, production company representative, and composer, and as it is equipped with overflowing personality, you will be able to enjoy a peek at her unique lifestyle.” She is raising expectations for Ku Hye-sun’s ‘Face ID’.

‘Face ID’ is scheduled to release a new episode every Monday at 12 p.m. from Monday the 28th.


Photo courtesy| Kakao M
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