‘Firebird 2020’ Park Young-rin, a two-faced evil girl

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Park Young-rin caught the eye with the eerie double-faced acting of ‘Firebird 2020’.

In the SBS morning drama ‘Firebird 2020’, Park Young-rin, who is acting as Yoon Mi-ran, the fiancée of Jang Se-hoon (played by Lee Jae-woo), is leaving a strong impression with two faces that go back and forth between play.

Earlier in the play, Mi-ran resents Se-hoon and meets a miracle moment when nerve cells are stimulated after an accidental electric shock while drinking wine alone and sensation in the paralyzed leg is revived. Concealing all these facts, he was depicted immersed in severe rehabilitation training to walk on his own, raising curiosity about the future development.

In ‘Firebird 2020’ aired on the 21st, Mi-ran, who stood on the stage as a model for the photo exhibition held at the gallery of Choi Myung-hwa (played by Sung Hyun-ah), was noticed by Ji-eun(played by Hong Soo-ah) who was standing up in a wheelchair to change her outfit. Raised to its peak.

Mi-ran, who was contemplating Ji-eun’s cold words to do the show only on stage with an absurd expression, said, “Will loves you. But, if he knows that I can walk, he will leave me. So, just keep this secret. I will do everything whatever you want.”

However, in an instant, with a cynical smile, Mi-ran said, “Did you know I would do this? Who trusts you. You can’t touch me! Soon, if I pop the fact that I’m going to be on the stage and I’m walking, today’s show will all be fraudulent,” she said. “Let’s stop bothering each other and not create a cruel situation for each other. It’s life, it’s a show anyway.”

Most of all, Mi-ran has a desperate expression and action in the frustration that she cannot walk again to take Se-hoon’s side, but the moment she feels threatened by the love changed by her false obsession with Se-hoon, she turns into a poisonous gaze in an instant. Mi-ran, a fascinating evil girl, is turning into a more powerful character with a sudden reversal expression.

As such, Park Young-rin perfectly melts into the character as she repeats the episode, expressing delicately with sharp eyes on a cold expression, and sincerely drawing complex emotional lines, raising the sense of immersion in the play. Accordingly, Park Young-rin, who started her villain’s walk in earnest, is raising expectations for her dazzling performance.

‘Firebird 2020’ is broadcast every weekday at 8:35 am.


Photo|SBS broadcast screen capture

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