Go Young-bae donated in full… Personal broadcasting proceeds of 10 million won

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Band Soran Vocalist Go Young-bae donated all proceeds from personal broadcasting.

According to his agency Happy Robot Records on the 21st, Go Young-bae revealed the scale of his personal YouTube channel ‘Goran So Young-bae’ and Twitch broadcasting profits through Twitch live broadcasting on the 18th, and donated all the proceeds in the name of the fandom.

On that day’s broadcast, Go Young-bae declared, “We have declared that we will donate all the proceeds from personal YouTube channels and Twitch broadcasts for the year 2020.” “This year (fans) watched and supported with good heart. I thought it was a good way to spend the end of the year meaningfully with you.”

Accordingly, Go Young-bae donated a total of 10 million won to ‘Bitina Foundation’ under the name of ‘Soraner & Go Young-bae’. Go Young-bae said, “All of you suffered for a year. Thank you. Thanks for doing a good job. Thank you for doing a good job with me.”

Meanwhile, Go Young-bae has been active in various online festivals and performances, such as ‘ROUND_2020’, the recently held ASEAN-Korea music festival.


Photo provided | Happy Robot Record

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