Lee Yoo-ri and Lee Si-young connect ‘boxing goddess’… coaches also admired “She’s really a professional boxing player”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Yoo-ri showed off her boxing skills comparable to Lee Si-young.

On the 20th, a video titled ‘Lee Yoo-ri Boxing Vlog’ was uploaded on Lee Yoo-ri’s official YouTube channel ‘Lee Yoo-ri TV’.

On this day, Lee Yoo-ri visited the fitness center to practice punching bags as well as sparring with male trainees. In addition to maintaining a stable posture, Lee Yoo-ri showed a professional appearance by punching with concentration.

During the game, the coach said, “Wow, You did really well. The timing was really good. Your posture has improved a lot.” Lee Yoo-ri showed humility by subtitles ‘Thank you for the coach’s excessive compliment’ on the video. The blog of the fitness center that Yoo-ri attends has posted news about Lee Yoo-ri’s visit to the training center since 2017, and it seems that Lee Yoo-ri has been training boxing for several years to gain her current skills.

In January of last year, Lee Yoo-ri appeared on the JTBC entertainment program ‘Knowing Brother’ and showed off her high-level punching skills. At the time, Lee Yoo-ri scored 854 points in the punch game, easily surpassing the records of men Kim Hee-cheol and Lee Sang-min.

Netizens responded, “Please shoot an action genre drama or movie,” “Do everything hard and do well”, and “Your boxing looks cool and cute.”

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo-ri is appearing in KBS2’s entertainment program ‘Fun-staurant’.


Photo| Youtube channel ‘Lee Yoori TV’

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