Yoon Jong-shin broadcast return… JTBC ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ MC confirmed

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

JTBC will present a new music talk show ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ in partnership with SM C&C STUDIO. Yoon Jong-shin, who had been away from the broadcaster for a while, is a returning work that officially returns to MC. Jang Yoon-jung, Super Junior Kyu-hyun, and Red Velvet Wendy will also on the show as MCs, a music master and star in the music industry.

According to JTBC and SM C&C STUDIO on the 21st, a new music talk show ‘Baedal Gayo-Mysterious Record Shop’ (hereinafter referred to as Mysterious Record Shop), scheduled to be broadcast in January 2021, will be launched. As MCs, Yoon Jong-shin, Jang Yoon-jung, Super Junior Kyu-hyun, and Red Velvet Wendy were confirmed.

‘Mysterious Record Shop’, with the subtitle ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ added, is a music entertainment completed by introducing the ‘life stories’ and ‘life songs’ of guests who are tied up by a common job with 4MC. It is expected that they will have a strong resonant and deep impression as they look back on their lives along with stories about songs that have affected someone’s life.

Above all, the faces of the MCs who lead the ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ are the perfect combination that will bring laughter, emotion, and even fun, raising expectations.

First of all, Yoon Jong-shin, who left the broadcaster for a while as a ‘A stranger,’ is raising expectations by confirming JTBC’s new music talk show ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ as a comeback. He walked around the world by choosing ‘A stranger’ to look back on his music life from the past to the present. It is expected that his deepened innerness and musical sensitivity will become the center of this program, creating a rich and sympathetic ‘musical entertainment’.

In addition, the meeting between Yoon Jong-shin and Jang Yoon-jung, the queen of Trot, who makes the whole people laugh and ring, raises expectations. Jang Yoon-jung, who showed not only songs but also human aspects through various music programs, is predicting his activity as a song craftsman who has a broad spectrum of music and a perfect MC with good talk.

While meeting four MCs from the music industry alone raises expectations, the new ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ introduced by 4MC is expected to present four times more sincerity, laughter, and emotion. The first broadcast is scheduled for January 2021.


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