700 episodes of ‘Radio Star’, MC Chronicle with former and current MC Corps

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In the 700th episode of ‘Radio Star’, three members of the former MC corps will sort out.

MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ (planning Ahn Soo-young, director Choi Haeng-ho), which airs at 10:40 pm on the 23rd, is a unique talk show that brings out the real story by disarming the guests with the talk of a village killer who does not know where MCs will bounce. No. 699, “See you next week. Please~” and is loved as the best talk show and representative longevity entertainment.

‘Radio Star’, which took advantage of a popular TV show, ‘The Knee-Drop Guru’, was unexpectedly fun in a part that guests didn’t think of as ‘Radio Star”s B-class sensibility, novel public relations ability, and part of ‘Radio Star’ in the broadcast where the schedule was uncertain. Thanks to the performance and chemistry of the MCs who pulled out the game, it has established itself as a staple entertainment on Wednesday night.

‘Radio Star’, which remains as the one and only talk show, has been constantly trying to change within the big frame of the program while the entertainment trend is rapidly changing, such as cooking, parenting, music, and observation. At the beginning of its launch, which started with a narrow location, it was loved for its B-class sensitivity and strong entertainment with ‘survival instinct’.

After the program was on track, it brought together guests with a connection of ‘0’, and showed the novelty of boldly inviting unrecognized guests to bring out the hidden charms of stars that were not found in other programs. They played an active parts in the entertainment community. In 2020, Radio Star boasted the dignity of the topical ‘Gap’ entertainment with a quick recruitment power. Guest Kim Soo-mi, who appeared in last May, also verified (?) the quick recruitment ability of ‘Radio Star’ who did not miss a break.

‘Radio Star’ became a good friend to meet viewers on Wednesday night for 700 episodes based on novel dynamics such as survival, unearthed stone, and quick recruitment depending on the situation while maintaining its unique charm.

The 700 episode, which will be broadcast on the 23rd, will be drawn with 3MC Kim Kook-jin, Kim Gura, and Ahn Young-mi, who are firmly guarding the ‘Radio Star’, and ‘Radio Star Feast’ with former MCs Yoon Jong-shin, Yoo Se-yoon and Kyu-hyun who made the history of ‘Radio Star’ together.

‘Radio Star’ MCs gathered in one place look at the chronology of ‘Radio Star’ MCs, which only 10 fixed MCs have passed for 14 years, and the story blooms. MCs are going to excite fans like a ‘talk vending machine’ that pops out when they hit it, and they will bring out an episode and present not only laughter but also recalling memories.

Yoon Jong-shin, who appeared as a guest of 700 times in the 12 year full-time MC, is proud of his unique humorous moment by giving advice to his partner Kim Gu-ra, “I want Gu-ra to make it hard.”

‘Radio Star’ and the inseparable relationship between Jeon and Hyun MC, the official question of the past ‘Radio Star’ is raised to raise curiosity. Each person says, ‘What is ‘Radio Star’ to me?’ The current MCs, Kim Kook-jin, Kim Gu-ra, and Ahn Young-mi, and former MCs Yoon Jong-shin, Yoo Se-yoon, and Kyu-hyun, who were asked a question, arouse curiosity about what answers they will give.

The 700th special feature ‘Radio Star Feast’ with 6 witnesses from ‘Radio Star’ will be broadcast at 10:40 pm on the 23rd.


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