Cheat on Me, If You Can’ Jo Yeo-jung found an evidence of her husband Go Jun’s cheating

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In ‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’, the appearance of Jo Yeo-jung awakening after recognizing the existence of Yeon-woo who is hovering around her husband Go Jun caught the attention of viewers. The faint reverberation left in the fountain pen box is drawing attention to what kind of aftermath the Jo Yeo-jung and Go Jun couple will have.

In the 6th episode of KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’ (played by Sung-min Lee, director Kim Min-tae, production A-story), Kang Yeo-ju (played by Jo Yeo-jeong) and Go Mi-rae(played by Yeon-woo), who is next to her husband Han Woo-seong (played by Go Jun) Recognizing the existence of the woman was revealed, predicting a major change in the relationship between Yeo-ju and Woo-sung.

Yeo-ju calls her husband Woo-sung’s wedding anniversary as ‘the day she was born again’, and regards her as a national holiday by hoisting a Taegeukgi on the gate. Even in the face of police blame, who doubts the internal relationship between Woosung and Soo-jeong, she revealed her absolute faith in Dominance.

However, Woo-sung is a native playboy wearing the mask of a ‘national husband’, and secretly made a secret relationship with Soo-jeong as well as numerous women. Woo-sung is struggling to erase the traces of his wishes with the dream of entering the political world. However, Soo-jeong’s murder occurred, and it reached the point of being on the suspect line of the case.

Here, the appearance of Go Mi-rae, art student who constantly encounters dominance waved his heart and made him confused. Go Mi-rae finds Woo-sung’s lost fountain pen, saves Woosung from drowning, and the distance between the two is gradually getting closer.

Then, at the end of Episode 6, the image of Yeo-ju smelling the scent of ‘citrus mixed with Yongyeon’ from the fountain pen box that Woosung had thrown in the trash was drawn. Yeo-ju recalled Go Mi-rae she had encountered in Woo-sung’s office in the past, and made a meaningful expression as if awakening to the existence of Go Mi-rae. This gave an idea of the aftermath that would shake between Yeo-ju and Woo-sung, and raised the tension to the peak.

The production crew said, “Kang Yeo-ju has begun to awaken to the existence of Go Mi-rae revolving around her husband, Han Woo-sung,” and said, “What kind of image Yeo-ju will show, paying attention to the relationship between Woo-sung and Go Mi-rae, and between Yeo-ju and Woo-sung. Please look forward to seeing what changes will happen to us.”

It is a comical mystery thriller of a crime novelist wife who only thinks about how to kill a person who is cheating, and a husband who specializes in divorce who wrote a memorandum of ‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’. It presents an intense story. Producer Kim Hyung-seok, who boasted directing performances such as ‘You Rolled in the Vine’ and ‘My Golden Life’, and Lee Sung-min of ‘Queen of Mystery’, who received great love from the first terrestrial season, joined forces.

Online broadcast film platform Wavve participated in the investment, and at the same time as the main broadcast, VOD will be provided exclusively online.

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