f(x) Luna, tennis fairy health beauty

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Luna from F(X) has transformed into a tennis fairy with a book ‘Looping’.

Luna emerged as the first pictorial runner for the persona project of the global Hallyu magazine K Wave X.

‘Sub character’, which led the trend of broadcasting, is creating continuous and fresh content beyond building a single character. Powerful bookmakers such as Yoo San-seul, Refund Sisters, Ssak3, who made their names known through ‘How do you play’, and their second aunt Da-bi, also created endless content across various programs and created a new breeze in various entertainment and music industry. It explains that the time has come, in which a book is essential for entertainers and singers as if they always wear new characters for each work.

K-WaveX, a global Hallyu magazine fueled by the ‘Sub character Frenzy’, announced the start of the persona photoshoot project, and Luna, who is active vertically as a singer and musical actor who is the first runner, is an abbreviation of Luna Pink, and finds her self through pink color. Decorated with the concept of ‘Looping’.

In the released pictorial, Luna shows off a lively, pink-colored hairstyle that overwhelms the eye, befitting the concept of ‘Pink Lovers’. Here, through a stylish yet sporty tennis look, it exudes an unprecedented health beauty, and boasts a passionate charm with a tennis court in the background.

Luna’s pink tennis concept full pictorial can be found through the global Hallyu magazine K-WaveX.


Photo courtesy of K Wave X

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