Jang Seong-gyu, “prohibition of access to vultures” on obscene accounts

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu revealed displeasure to obscene accounts, leaving comments on his social media posts.

Jang Seong-gyu wrote on his Instagram on the 22nd, “These days, people who post photos of naked bodies on their profiles are competing to replay strange comments on my feed. Why are you doing that? My feed has a lot of minors, so please refrain from seeing it.”

He added, “Because it’s cold in these five months, pack your clothes and go to the entrance to donate blood. No naked access.”

Jang Seong-gyu posted a photo of blood donation, reporting that there was a difficulty in supplying blood due to the COVID-19. However, in this post, an obscene account with a sensational photo as a profile posted an inappropriate comment, “Why do many people say I’m a bad girl?”. Then, Jang Seong-gyu left a comment that “I would rather go to donate blood, rather than posting obscene materials.”

To this, netizens responded, such as “That’s an advertisement made by a machine” and “I hate those comments.” Some netizens were concerned, saying, “(Jang Seong-gyu) if you comment like that, the comment will appear on the top and it will be helpful for advertising. More victims may come out.”


Photo|Sungkyu Jang SNS

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